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Full-Throttle Lima

Lima is in full throttle. Lunch rolls seamlessly into dinner. 
Dancing keeps going long after last call. Across the more than a thousand-square-mile sprawl of Peru’s capital, from the working-class Chorrillos barrio to highbrow San Isidro and along the glorious Pacific coastline, pure urban exhilaration reigns, and just about all of the 8.8 million inhabitants are caught up in it.

I Heart My City: Elie’s Lima

Elie Gardner, a freelance photographer who contributes to Traveler magazine, grew up in a tiny town in North Dakota. Work brought her to Peru’s capital city in late 2010, and she’s been there ever since. Elie loves speaking Spanish, trying new foods, seeking out cultural experiences, and finding hidden gems in her husband’s hometown. Here are some of her favorite things about Lima.

Lima’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Around the turn of the century, a salon society emerged in Barranco, an intimate seaside enclave southeast of Peru’s capital city center. As those bright young things gradually moved on, they left behind an architectural kaleidoscope that artists and musicians transformed into a unique cultural olio. By the 1970s, the Barranco scene was on the wane, but, happily, it’s experiencing a resurgence: “When people in Lima look for something fun, artistic, or bohemian, they end up here.”