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Just Back: Jerusalem

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Many people dread spending time with their in-laws, but not “National Geographic Traveler” researcher Christine Blau. For her, marrying a journalist from Jerusalem means inheriting a network of kindred local guides and a lifetime of visits through which to figure out their complex city. Here are some of the highlights from her latest trip, in her own words.

Reader Recs: Best Summer Music Festivals

Music festival season is in full swing. To help our readers wade through the ever-growing list of options, we asked our Facebook fans to give us the lowdown on their favorite aural extravaganzas. So, turn up your favorite tunes, and join us on a tour of stand-out summer music festivals around the world.

Out of Office: A Christmas Card from Bethlehem

National Geographic senior books editor Barbara A. Noe is just back from a visit to Bethlehem.  The crowd crushes around me. It’s stifling hot. A woman says she’s going to faint. Everyone tries to be in good humor, but the Russians are behind, pushing en masse. I’ve been waiting in line for an hour or…