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Reader Recs: World’s Best Markets

I’m a sucker for a good market. The noise, the food, the smells, and best of all, the shopping. There’s nothing quite like it. To celebrate these dynamic cultural hubs, we asked our Nat Geo Travel Facebook fans to share with us their picks for the best markets to visit all over the world.

7 Routes to Extended-Layover Bliss

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Could your next layover be the highlight of your trip? At more and more airports, a long layover can open a window into local culture–whether you choose to venture into the city or simply roam the terminals. When time is of the essence, we suggest a surgical-strike approach. Here are seven airports that offer convenient pop-in, pop-out access to their home cities, along with tips on what to see while you’re making the most of your extended layover.

10 Great Street Markets

Check out National Geographic’s picks for the ten best food markets in the world.

I Heart My City: Daniel’s London

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Daniel Raven-Ellison is using films, books, websites, and walks to take geography far beyond memorizing dots on a map and to challenge people to experience their world in meaningful, surprising ways. “Adventure has become something we watch on TV,” says the self-described guerrilla geographer. “In fact, there are amazing adventures to be had right outside our doors.” Here are Daniel’s tips on how to take this attitude to the streets of London, where he lives.

I Heart My City: Tara’s London

As the world prepares for the Summer Olympics (the opening ceremony is this Friday), we thought we’d do a special, hyped-up edition of I Heart My City to give you three very different takes on this year’s host city. We’ve asked three unique Londoners — a television producer, a luxury bikini designer, and a guerilla geographer — to sound off on their storied city. Here’s Number 2.