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For Nat Geo Travel Books Senior Editor Barbara A. Noe, going on a run is the best way to get oriented in a new city, and a great way to take in the sights. So lace up your sneaks and read on to get Barbara’s tips on where to run in some of the world’s greatest places—and what to see along the way.

The Berlin Wall By Bicycle

Berlin’s infamous wall is mostly dismantled, but its ghost still haunts the once divided city.

German freelance TV journalist and travel blogger Yvonne Zagermann has lived in Berlin for the last two years — the realization of a dream she’s had since first visiting as a teenager. “This city doesn’t expect anything from you but to be yourself,” she says. Check out Yvonne’s advice for getting the most out of Germany’s…

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Berlin flips on the switch tonight for the grand opening of their eleven-night-long 6th Annual Berlin Festival of Lights. Visitors can take a Lightseeing tour by bus, boat, balloon, horse-drawn carriage or limo to see more than 60 of the city’s most famous landmarks lit up with enormous and innovative multi-colored light installations. Highlights: Early…