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The Ultimate Digital Detox: Walking

The digital detox bandwagon is growing these days. People are increasingly looking for vacations that offer a break not just from the daily grind at home or at the office, but from their smartphones. Quick tip: It’s not about where you go. Once we reach a destination, we have to make the same decisions as we do back home. The real way to disconnect–wherever you happen to be–is what writer Rebecca Solnit calls “the most obvious and the most obscure thing in the world.”

Park in Progress: Patagonia

Ever since I read Bruce Chatwin’s “In Patagonia,” I’ve wanted to follow in his footsteps. And at the end of 2012, I was poised to realize my dream when Conservación Patagonica hired me to teach English at the nascent Patagonia National Park. My plan was to stay for three months; I ended up staying nearly five times that long. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at this remarkable park in progress.

The Greatest Travelers of All Time

A handful of history’s boldest travelers staged epic journeys that crossed new lands, broke cultural barriers, and revealed the radical diversity of the world. In doing so, these trailblazers confirmed that wanderlust is part of the human condition — and made us want to follow in their footsteps, and even blaze a few trails of our own. We’ve come up with our top 10 great travelers — past and present. Now we want to know who you’d add to the list.