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Hop On, Hop Off: The Perks of Busing It

National Geographic Traveler Editor at Large Christopher Elliott, the magazine’s consumer advocate and ombudsman, has helped countless readers fix their trips over the past 15 years. Here’s his latest advice.

The Radar: Tour the Vatican by iPod, South America by Bus, Best of Puerto Rico

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The Vatican officially kicks off a pilot program today that will allow visitors to tour the Basilica by iPod. The devices, which will be free to use, are part of an effort to reduce noise from chattering tour guides. [Fox News] Traveling through South America by bus is easy. Just ask our Digital Nomad. Here…

Bus2Antarctica: Argentina’s Fancy Schmancy Buses

After traveling 7,000 miles by bus through the Americas, Andrew Evans found the gold standard of buses in Argentina. As far as buses are concerned, I saved the best for last. I’m so glad. Had I started my journey on an Argentine bus, I would have been spoiled rotten right from the beginning. Every bus…

Bus2Antarctica: Argentina Long Haul

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Andrew Evans recounts his race to reach Ushuaia before his boat left for Antarctica. One country, five buses, seven days. Argentina is a huge country. I suppose I was aware of that fact beforehand–subconsciously–but traveling the entire length of the country in person really drives the point home. Pun intended, I guess. I entered into…

China’s New Bus: Zen or Hell?

Ten countries, 16 days, one bus full of intrepid travelers. Sound like the makings for a ridiculous reality TV show? Nope, it’s the Butterfly Bus (which just launched as BuddhaBus, but underwent a spitfire-fast name change to avoid religious offense): an “overland adventure” (in their words). Departing from London, the bus slogs its way to…