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Pleasure Pedaling on the East Coast

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No need to be an avid cyclist to enjoy a bike ride through stunning scenery

Travel Lens: Amy Toensing’s World

Amy Toensing, an American photojournalist committed to telling stories with sensitivity and depth, is known for her intimate essays about the lives of ordinary people. A regular contributor to National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler magazines, Toensing’s assignments have taken her all around the world, from the Jersey Shore to the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. Here’s a look at the world through this award-winning photographer’s unique lens.

The Last Best American Beach Towns

America does beaches extremely well, a point I didn’t begin to realize until my 20s, when I tried to sunbathe on a jam-packed stretch of Spanish shore. But too many of the towns along our coastlines have become charmless and generic. They feel like shopping malls with sand. Then there are those that shine. Here are seven of the best.

A Cape Cod for All Seasons

Orleans isn’t the quaintest town on the cape, nor the largest or most renowned. Yet it remains my favorite. Set just above the crook of the arm of the peninsula, it’s far enough out to discourage day-trippers but on the easy side of the long, traffic-clogged slog up Route 6 to the outer cape. It’s a real place, not a stage set.

Reader Recs: Romantic Destinations

Planning a trip with that special someone? We asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite romantic destinations, and they came through in a big way. Whether you’re looking for a tried-and-true classic or something more off the grid, our travel community has got you covered.

Cape Cod Road Trip

Summering on the Cape—a phrase that evokes visions of chinos and clambakes. Both can still be found on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, along with family-friendly beaches, a stunning national seashore, and top-notch lobster rolls. Before the weather starts to cool, take a long weekend road trip exploring the coastline, which winds past cedar shake homes and…

Tasty Temptations in Cape Cod

Peanut Butter Fudge. Dark Chocolate Fudge. S’mores Fudge. Mint Chocolate Fudge. Inside Out Reese’s Fudge.  Decisions, decisions, decisions. A trip to Chatham, Massachusetts‘ Candy Manor was one of the highlights of my recent weekend trip to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. For this indecisive chocoholic, I have to admit, it also was a bit overwhelming. …

Hopper’s Cape Cod

I love John Ur’s Cinematic Road Trip posts for the way that the films help capture a sense of place—so I was struck by a recent piece in the New York Times which laid out a similar road trip, using Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod paintings as a guide. Hopper had a home in Truro, and…

Jenss Family Travels: Shipping out to Cape Cod

Rainer Jenss and his family have just started their around-the-world trip, and they’ll be blogging about their experiences here at IT. The first stop on their itinerary? Cape Cod. “Where’s the first stop?” was one of the most common questions people asked us when they found out about our planned trip around the world. When…