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Zubair Khawar is a textile designer, but his true passion is travel photography. Born and raised in Lahore, he has recently started exploring his hometown through the eyes of a visitor—the true mark of any travel photographer worth his snuff—wandering the city’s markets, observing the crowds, and sharing the color and bustle of daily life through images. Here’s a look at the Punjab provincial capital through Zubair’s lens.

Five Family Travel Resolutions

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. But as winter continues its march (at least where I live in New York City), I’ve been dreaming up a few travel goals for 2014. Some are places, some are new services, all are experiences that will make this year of travel the best one yet.

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Addison O’Dea follows in the footsteps of a Roman emperor. The pathways of Capri are narrow and bear the wear of two thousand years of foot traffic. It is the history of a place that always captures my imagination. I have come for the wedding of a lifelong friend Antony and his gorgeous Roman bride…