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Primal Travel: Alone in Papua

Two years ago, National Geographic Traveler contributing editor Carl Hoffman shared with me an idea for his next book. It struck a chord because when I was ten I was drawn to the subject: the mysterious disappearance in 1961 of Michael Rockefeller in what was then Netherlands New Guinea. Did he drown? Was he shredded by a crocodile or shark? Or, most grisly, was he eaten by cannibals?

Kickstart An Age-Old Mystery

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A week before Thanksgiving Day in 1961, Michael Rockefeller, scion of one the most powerful families in U.S. history, decided to swim for shore after his boat capsized off the southwest coast of Dutch New Guinea.

He was never seen again.

The Energy of Egypt

Contributing Editor Carl Hoffman recently returned to Egypt to see how the country is transitioning in its new political reality. Read his first post, about his decision to return to Cairo, here. I had a fear that I might not like Egypt the second time around, 27 years later. That I might not feel again…

Return to Cairo

Within hours of hearing that Hosni Mubarak had stepped down from power, contributing editor Carl Hoffman was on a plane to Cairo. While working on an upcoming story for Traveler, he will be offering glimpses of the city here on the blog. We have history with places, just as we do with people, and scenes…

Postcard from Thailand: Chiang Mai Mornings

Last week, contributing editor Carl Hoffman set off on a story assignment in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to visit his 81-year-old father, who now lives there. He sent us this dispatch from his travels so far. Traveling is so much about leaving home, moving through space and time to new worlds full of exotic sights and…

Where Does Wanderlust Come From?

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and by coincidence, our contributing editor Carl Hoffman is preparing for an upcoming story assignment in Thailand, where he’ll visit with his father, who has relocated there. Here, he gives us a glimpse of what he’s hoping to find. Why do we travel? Or maybe the better question is, where…

Video: Riding the Lunatic Express

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In this month’s issue of Traveler, we excerpt contributing editor Carl Hoffman’s upcoming book, The Lunatic Express. In the excerpt, Hoffman describes riding an Indonesian ferry that felt like “every man, woman, and child in Jakarta was swarming into her belly.” But after several days on the boat, he writes, the passengers began to treat…