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Travels on the Run: Panama City

For Nat Geo Travel Books Senior Editor Barbara A. Noe, going on a run is the best way to get oriented in a new city, and a great way to take in the sights. So lace up your sneaks and read on to get Barbara’s tips on where to run in some of the world’s greatest places—and what to see along the way.

More Than a Canal: Panama City

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After a decade of stop-and-go development, the Frank Gehry-designed BioMuseo opened in early February. The debut marked a defining moment for the capital in the centennial of another game changer: the Panama Canal. Actually, the museum’s protracted birth fits the subject matter of its galleries, which tell a story that began some 20 million years ago.…

I Heart My City: Liz’s Bilbao

Liz P. recently moved back to the Midwest after spending two years teaching English in Bilbao, Spain. What was a random placement in the Basque Country turned her into a Bilbao enthusiast and, now that she’s stateside, she’s been spending most of her time telling people why it’s one of the best places in the world.