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In Search of Sustainable Travel

In the 1980s, ecotourism—driven by a deep conservation and environmental ethic—focused on remote jungle lodges, nature treks, and the like. It was well-meaning and maybe appropriate to the time, but dwelled on the fringes of a largely uninterested mainstream travel industry. At Traveler we observed this and felt a broader approach, around sustainable tourism, would…

A Tale of Two Islands in the Philippines

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, so it comes as no surprise that after tourism’s heavy trek across Southeast Asia’s once pristine outposts, the less explored parts of the archipelago are poised to be the latest “paradise found.” Indeed, that is already under way, which is why the tale of two islands — Palawan and Boracay — offers lessons as the country lays out the welcome mat to more visitors.

The Amazing Race…For Sea Turtles

Those of you who were fans of Hunter’s story yesterday about Costa Rican turtle preserves, or recall our great Q&A with Wallace J. Nichols, a conservationist whose turtle-tracking project thrilled children around the world, we offer you some more turtle topics, only this time these turtles are traveling themselves. National Geographic is partnering with Conservation…