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The Best of the Cornish Riviera

Falmouth sits in the center of the “Cornish Riviera,” England’s charming southwestern coastline, and the port is its lifeblood. Here are four ways to experience this seaside gem.

Isles of Scilly: The Land that Time Forgot

My first glimpse into life on the Isles of Scilly was a line of 10 people outside a corner shop. “They’re waiting for their newspapers that come in from the mainland each day,” Star Castle hotel owner Robert Francis said. “We don’t lock our houses, and we leave our keys in the car,” he went…

Preserving Paradise on the Isles of Scilly

Only about 2,000 people live on the Isles of Scilly, a group of small, rocky islands that lie off Land’s End in Cornwall, England. Despite being 28 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean, the islands enjoy a mild climate in which palm trees flourish, and the Scillonians raise flowers and vegetables for the London market.…