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Reader Recs: World’s Best Beach Towns

To toast the warm weather–and to provide inspiration for all those last-minute vacation planners out there–we asked our Facebook community to share their picks for the best beach town in the world. Our readers didn’t disappoint. Recommendations ran the gamut–from St. John to Singapore–so grab a beach chair and a fruity drink and explore standout seaside spots with Nat Geo Travel.

American Classic: Coronado Island

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In 1888, two things I love were born: the National Geographic Society (obvious bias here) and the Hotel del Coronado. I realized the coincidence as I stood in the Del’s wood-paneled lobby, where, on the surface, little appears to have changed in the past 126 years except for the attire of the crowds passing through. But this American classic isn’t frozen in time.

I Heart My City: Shannon Switzer’s San Diego

As you know, Shannon Switzer, otherwise known as the Curious Traveler, just returned from an epic road trip around the American West. Though she’s happy to be back in her hometown of San Diego, she aims to keep her curiosity goggles on now that she’s back in familiar territory. Now, without further ado, these are a few of her favorite things.

Keeping it Curious at Home: Lessons from the 4th

Like many people, I find it much easier to be in a constant state of curiosity when I’m on the road, in new surroundings, than when I’m going about my daily routine. So, as I wound up my epic road trip adventure in Coronado on July 4th, I had to ask myself: How can I continue to be a curious traveler at home?

Bike San Diego

In our March 2010 issue, Traveler contributor David Swanson counted San Diego among North America’s top bike-friendly cities. With SoCal as the first stop on my nine-day California road trip, I decided to put San Diego biking to the test. The result: sunburn and a sore behind, but also the discovery that biking is one…