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In the “bean belt” looping Africa, Asia, and the Americas, coffee provides more than a jolt—it’s an economic lifeline and a cultural bedrock. Coffee buyer Kim Elena Ionescu’s hunt for the planet’s best beans has taken her from Bolivia to Ethiopia. Steeped in ritual, her adventures are anything but stale. Here are some of the highlights.

When it’s cold outside, you either want to embrace (even celebrate) it — or you want to get as far away from it as you can. Here are a few of our Urban Insider’s favorite places to spend a week in winter — from the Alps to the islands.

Who doesn’t dream of visiting Machu Picchu? I finally got my chance after hitching a ride on National Geographic’s Around-the-World-by-Private-Jet expedition last week. And while the Inca village in the clouds is exhilarating, there’s much more in the Peruvian highlands for travelers to explore while they’re in the Sacred Valley.

After massive flooding struck the area around Machu Picchu this January, the country has been struggling to get its tourism back online. Andrew Berg gives us an update on where things currently stand. By the end of January, after days of unremitting rain, deadly mudslides, and flash floods, the swollen Urubamba River eased its rampage…

Peruvian Knitting Quest

As the East Coast temperatures begin to drop, IT staffers want nothing more than to sip hot tea by a roaring fire and bundle up with warm wool sweaters and scarves. Our yearning for yarn sparked an interest in one knitting blogger who recently traveled to Peru to learn more about the country’s ancient textile…