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Long among the must-visit destinations of Europe, Prague continues to evolve in surprising and alluring ways. Here are a few trends and tips to help you uncover the freshest ways to experience this fairy-tale Czech city.

I was working on an animated film in Los Angeles in 1982 when I was ordered back to Prague by the communist Czech government. I decided not to return even though I knew this meant I might not see my family again. Then, in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Now, whenever I visit, I try to swim against time, not to recall the oppressive fortress that used to be Prague but to reconnect with the favorite places of my childhood.

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Urban Insider Annie Fitzsimmons gives us the goods on the best microbreweries and pubs in Prague.

One of the few Central European capitals to survive the bombs of World War II, Prague stepped into the 21st century looking, more or less, as if it were stuck in the Middle Ages. “Tourism thrives in Prague because of its history. Her old towers, bridges, and churches tell a story,” says Karin Líšková, manager of Hotel U Zeleného Hroznu. “Visitors want to experience Prague as it was before, in the old times.”

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I started playing in an orchestra when I was ten years old, and ever since then I’ve had a fascination with all things musical. To my surprise, on a recent trip to Prague I discovered the Czech capital has a hotel devoted entirely to music. The aptly-named Aria Hotel is located in the Malá Strana…

Global Frappuccino

Say what you will about caffeine-giant Starbucks. Because apparently, Prague is saying only good things. In January, Starbucks opened its first location in the Czech Republic. The retailer is located in an 1874 building (which, appropriately, used to be a coffee house), and includes the building’s original flooring, “use of recommended paint color palettes, maintenance…