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It’s a new year and, with it, new trips to plan. As you mull over which places you’d like to tick off your travel bucket list in 2014, consider these brief but compelling reasons why you should visit 20 of the world’s cities from the people who know and love them best.

For those of us blessed (or cursed) with incurable wanderlust, the allure of an unexplored city or destination is hard to resist. But, this time of year, what I crave is tradition and a deep-rooted sense of home. I asked ten of my most trusted friends around the world about their favorite winter traditions in their home cities, and it put me in a wonderful, festive, globally inspired mood. I hope their stories do the same for you. Happy Holidays!

Autumn is kicking into full swing (for the northern half of the world, at least), so we thought we’d celebrate the season with a special edition of I Heart My City. Here are 20 fall must-dos from I Heart contributors in 20 cities around the world.

Preparing for a move to Spain prompted Elizabeth Locke to reflect on all the things she’s going to miss about her life in Texas. As she waxes nostalgic for her hometown stomping grounds, here are her recommendations for making the most of the Big D.

So many of my travel memories are linked to great food, like street daal at Ravi in Dubai or spaghetti pomodoro at Hotel Cipriani in Venice. But summer always brings me back to my childhood, and to America. Here’s a list of some of the food-place combos that keep me coming back no matter where I am.

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Football fans will be flocking to Dallas this weekend to watch the Packers and Steelers face-off in the Super Bowl. No tickets to the game? Fear not. Traveler‘s Dallas City Guide has everything you need to spend an entertaining, football-free weekend in the city. Check out our expansive guide to restaurants, hotels, and cultural events.…

As a Texas native, I always look forward to this time of year, not because of fall foliage and temperatures that hover somewhere between brisk and perfection—autumn is somewhat of an abstract concept in Texas—but because this is Texas State Fair season.    I’ve never been to any other state fairs, but I have a…

IT’s Restaurant Weakness

IT likes to eat. When we can, we like to eat well. But if gourmet’s not an option we have no qualms admitting that we’ll eat our fill of pretty much whatever you put in front of us. The week before last, though, we were delighted to have the opportunity to eat gourmet food in…