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Checking in: Three New Caribbean Retreats

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Homey or historic, these new Caribbean lodgings pamper you with extras.

Romantic Caribbean With Kids?

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National Geographic Traveler columnist Heather Greenwood Davis is the magazine’s family travel advocate, guru, and soothsayer. Here’s her latest advice.

Doing It Right in the Dominican Republic

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With sounds of the surf lapping at the harbor next to La Yola restaurant, I tucked into my curried lobster with gusto. Though dining on an over-fished creature, I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. That’s because I knew that the local fishermen were given lobster houses in exchange for a commitment to restrict their catch:…

Where to Spend a Week This Winter

When it’s cold outside, you either want to embrace (even celebrate) it — or you want to get as far away from it as you can. Here are a few of our Urban Insider’s favorite places to spend a week in winter — from the Alps to the islands.

Report from Cabarete: Where Life is a Beach

On a wet, dreary night in March last year I got a phone call from my parents. They were having dinner on the beach in Cabarete, a small Caribbean beach village on the northern shore of the Dominican Republic. I could barely hear my mom over the voices and music in the background. “You would…