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Nell Freudenberger’s Brooklyn

Brooklyn is known for all the writers who live there: You can find them frowning at their laptops in their neighborhood cafes, donning their noise-canceling headphones to block out the clamor of the only other comparably populous group–children under five. As luck would have it, Nell Freudenberger’s Brooklyn lies at the intersection of these two sets of scribblers.


I’m not the biggest supporter of theme restaurants – I did the Hard Rock Cafe circuit as an adolescent and wouldn’t do it again – but I have to admit that the Hospitalis restaurant in Latvia is pretty brilliant. Created by one of the head medical officials in the city, the restaurant partnered with local…

February Foodie Festivals

Think foodie fests are only for summer? Think again. There are heaps of epicurean events happening around the country in the next month, so grab a fork and head over to one! Oregon Truffle Festival Eugene, Oregon January 30-February 1 Events include cooking demonstrations, truffle tastings, and seminars on the truffle industry during the delicacy’s…

A Delicious, Eggless Brunch in Brooklyn

With money tight but gas cheap and time off in excess, my husband and I plotted our post-Christmas road trip. We lounged for two days with the folks in Fogelsville, PA, then darted east to Brooklyn. After a night out at Redd’s Tavern in Williamsburg with a schoolmate, we journeyed to Chavella’s in Prospect Heights…