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Why You Should Plan an African Safari…Now

Despite the fact that the Serengeti is farther from the Ebola zone in West Africa than New York is from Fairbanks, Alaska, the fallout of the Ebola outbreak continues to wreak havoc—not just for people but also wildlife; not just in West Africa but also across the continent. Travelers have canceled their safari plans in droves, dealing a blow to the ecotourism economy. Guess who’s filling the void? Poachers.

#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

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In Search of Sustainable Travel

In the 1980s, ecotourism—driven by a deep conservation and environmental ethic—focused on remote jungle lodges, nature treks, and the like. It was well-meaning and maybe appropriate to the time, but dwelled on the fringes of a largely uninterested mainstream travel industry. At Traveler we observed this and felt a broader approach, around sustainable tourism, would…

Shoot One to Save the Rest?

In early 2014, the Dallas Safari Club, a Texas-based hunting outfit, came up with an unconventional idea for protecting the critically endangered African black rhino: Auction a permit to shoot one and donate the money for conservation. What kind of precedent does this set—and what are enlightened travelers to do?

7 Steps to Becoming a More Sustainable Traveler

In the course of my travels—and my career as a promoter and practitioner of sustainable tourism—one question comes up again and again: “What can I do to be a more responsible traveler?” So I thought I’d pen a primer. Here are seven things globetrotters can do to lessen their impact on the planet.

Sustainably Delicious: Maine Lobster

Generations of “lobsta” families form the backbone of villages dotting Maine’s rugged coast, where they haul traps in the cold Atlantic waters. The good news? The Marine Stewardship Council has certified Maine lobster as among only 10 percent of fisheries worldwide that are sustainable.

5 Ecosystems in 1 Day: Chirripó National Park

Waking up before dawn to hike uphill for miles isn’t usually my idea of a relaxing vacation. But on a recent trip to Costa Rica, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to scale the country’s highest peak. That meant traveling to Chirripó National Park — and getting the chance to experience five distinct ecosystems in one day.

The Radar: Epic NZ Adventures, U.S. Fruit Festivals, Top Ecotourism Destinations

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Get your thrill on in New Zealand where a sense of adventure seems to be imprinted into the locals’ DNA. Try one of these five epic adventures in New Zealand, like heli-hiking or canyon swinging, to really get your adrenalin pumping. [Go Backpacking]

Everglades Endangered

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee named 21 new World Heritage sites this week, citing their cultural and natural significance, and their universal value to humanity. A total of 911 places, both natural and man-made, have now have been given the designation. But they also named four places that are on their watch list; the Everglades…

Brazil Broadens Rain Forest Protection

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Our colleague David Braun at Nat Geo News Watch reports on some promising news for the Brazilian rain forest: Four new environmental conservation units and the expansion of a national park within the Atlantic Rain Forest biome in the state of Bahia have been announced by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil. “The…

An Eco-Tree House in Senegal

Julie Falconer reports from a recent visit to Senegal, where she was able to experience their burgeoning ecotourism industry firsthand. As I pulled up to Les Collines de Niassam, I was struck by one thing: the tree houses. Perched high in the branches of centuries-old baobab trees, the wooden chalets-in-the-air were the top floors of…

Geotourism Summit Coming Next Week

The second annual Geotourism Summit will take place at National Geographic headquarters next Tuesday, Feb. 2, as travel leaders, whose businesses range from eco-tours in rural villages to top-line resorts in major cities, gather to share how to best cultivate destination stewardship and sustainable development.  The Summit will showcase the three winners and seven runners-up…