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I Heart My City: Emily’s Oxford

Nat Geo Young Explorer Emily Ainsworth was born and raised in Oxford, England. After studying at her hometown’s prestigious university, she joined the circus in Mexico, performing nightly as a solo dancer in the ring while producing an award-winning documentary about life backstage. Ainsworth’s work illuminates the lives of people on the fringes around the world–from Mongolian nomads to London royalty. Here are a few of her favorite things about her beloved City of Dreaming Spires.

In Search of Santa Around the World

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Elusive used to be F. Christmas’s middle name. He was conjured by children, with the help of the obligatory glass of sherry, mince pies and carrots–at least in the U.K.–and the understanding that they had been good enough to deserve the latest Xbox. Now, NORAD keeps us apprised of Santa’s every move each year. But for those who are keen to meet the man in person, here are three places to go on the hunt for Father Christmas.

The Best Festival in the U.K.

The U.K.’s festival scene has transformed since the arrival of Wilderness in Oxfordshire three years ago. Set in England’s most ancient woodland, this is the go-to place for those who want to live it up like the last days of Rome, but have a healthy fear of turning septic from a weekend without showers.

A Peek at the Chelsea Flower Show

Each May for the past hundred years, gardeners have succeeded — with the help of hairdryers, miracles, and the greenest of fingers — at coaxing thousands of exotic plant species into full bloom at precisely the same time. But the Chelsea Flower Show isn’t about the quest for the perfect begonia or the latest composting techniques. It’s about the carat count on your fingers and how debonair you look in a panama hat.

One Night in Samba City

Bottle the pheromones in Rio de Janeiro during carnival, and you’ll become a billionaire overnight.

It’s no surprise that the heart of carnival pumps faster in Rio than it does anywhere else in the world. In a city of seismic social disparities, it’s the one time of year when it doesn’t matter if you measure out your wages in handfuls of beans or if you live in the most expensive gated estate in the Southern Hemisphere. Instead, it’s how many kisses you steal in a night and how many samba steps you squeeze into a second that count.