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The Best of Playa del Carmen

Cancun may get more attention, especially during Spring Break season, but its sister city to the south, Playa del Carmen, is the real gem of the Riviera Maya.

Oh, the Places Nat Geo Goes

When you work at National Geographic, one of the first questions people ask is if you get to travel. The answer is often “yes.” That’s why we asked folks on our travel team to share their favorite passport stamps and stories with our Intelligent Travel readers. Check out where we’ve been and what it’s taught us along the way, then share your own!

A Market For All Seasons in Thailand

Though there are many ways to see Thailand, touring markets is one of the best ways to experience the cultural intersections that make this southeast Asian gem so unique. And that intersection is on fabulous display in Thailand’s capital city.

Here are four markets in or around the Bangkok area that give visitors a taste of local flavor — in every sense of the word — any time of year.