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East Meets West in Berlin

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It’s difficult to imagine what this city was like in the early 1960s, when the 87-mile-long Berlin Wall was intact and bristling with barbed wire and gun emplacements. Today, the wall has essentially been shattered into tiny bits, now scattered as souvenirs around the world.

Tips for Planning a Trip with Kids

If you think pulling together a complex trip is the kind of organizational nightmare that’ll make you feel like you’re in a bad remake of a “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movie — don’t worry.

Here are a few strategies we picked up along the way…

Reinventing Family Travel

Family. Travel.

Those two words are enough to make the average reader click away. But they shouldn’t be.

Maui is for Lovers…and Kids?

Maui is for honeymooners. And, let’s be honest: the last thing these newlyweds want is for everything to be ruined by someone else’s kids. But there’s a whole other side to this luxe island waiting to be discovered — if you pay close attention.

Dodging Danger on Hawaii’s Big Island

If you associate Hawaii with Mai Tais, luaus, and colorful shirts, you’ve probably never been to the Big Island. None of those cliches resonate on what we like to call the real Hawaii. Even though it’s one of the least-visited islands in the Aloha State, the Big Island (also known as Hawaiʻi Island) is far more exciting, and, at times, more dangerous.

Where to Take Kids Surfing in Hawaii

Which place is better, Maui or the North Shore of Oahu? You tell us.

The Pros + Cons of Historical Vacation Rentals

Staying in an older vacation rental can be a real adventure. And we know, because we’ve lived in a few of them during our year-long trip across the United States. A historical home can bring you closer to a city’s traditional downtown area, or to real residents. It can even help you feel like you’re a local.

But historical homes have, well…histories.

Smooth Sailing Ahead: Kid-Friendly Cruises

Check out these kid-friendly cruises that cater to the younger set onboard and in port.

Family: Speaking in Tongues

Immersion programs merge language with culture. By Lisa Armstrong From the September issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine. While simply traveling abroad makes you a more enlightened global citizen, you can deepen the experience through language immersion programs that offer cultural excursions. These four provide a range of activities and stays with local host families. Note:…

24 Hours in Old Montreal

National Geographic Traveler contributing editor Christopher Elliott recently spent a day in Montreal with his family. Here’s what he discovered. You can hit the highlights of Montreal in a few days, but to really know the city would take a lifetime. So when our family arrived in Montreal, our goals were modest: We wanted to…

24 Hours in Québec City

National Geographic Traveler contributing editor Christopher Elliott recently spent a day in Québec City with his family. Here’s what he found. If you have only a day to spend in Québec City, the capital of the Canadian province of Québec, here’s my advice: Don’t waste a minute. It’s going to be a full day. Ours…

The Western Mediterranean According to SpongeBob

Christopher Elliott writes about a recent family trip where plans to add authenticity to the itinerary went awry.