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Oh, the Places Nat Geo Goes

When you work at National Geographic, one of the first questions people ask is if you get to travel. The answer is often yes, but one of the best parts of the job is being surrounded by sharp, globe-trotting people, and getting to hear their stories. That’s why we asked folks on the Nat Geo Travel team to share a story about the best trip they’ve taken in the past year with our readers. So if you’re searching for inspiration for your next adventure, look no further.

Beyond the Beach in Fiji

Fiji is so synonymous with an aquatic lifestyle that its name graces the label of bottled water. Made up of more than 300 islands, the South Pacific republic is a snorkeling and scuba diving sanctuary thanks to its surplus of kaleidoscopic reefs. But, there are still plenty of memorable onshore activities for those feeling waterlogged. Here are five ways to go beyond the beach in Fiji.

Exploring Fiji’s Gorge-ous Interior

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On a raft floating down Fiji’s Upper Navua River gorge, under dangling 100-foot vines, time stops. Like a tropical Grand Canyon, this gorge slices through the volcanic heart of Viti Levu—the largest island of the Fijian archipelago—and redefines island paradise.

Reader Recs: Island Getaways

Nothing screams vacation quite like a sandy beach, clear blue water, and a fruity drink. To inspire a bit of summer wanderlust (or to help with your winter escape plans), we recently asked our Facebook fans to tell us their favorite island getaways in the world. Their answers ranged from large archipelagos to tiny islands we had to look up on a map, but one thing is for sure—their picks will keep you daydreaming for days.

Winners Announced: Geotourism Challenge 2010

Ashoka Changemakers recently announced the winners of the third annual Geotourism Challenge.  In this year’s competition, “Places on the Edge: Saving Coastal and Freshwater Destinations,” Ashoka partnered with National Geographic and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to identify tourism-related projects that have made impressive strides in protecting the cultural and ecological integrity of coastal, waterway,…

Fiji: A Tale of Two Cities

Journalist Jeff Fleischer spent 2008 in New Zealand and the South Pacific on a fellowship studying climate change. He sends us this stark look at the state of affairs in Fiji since the 2006 coup. To those who don’t follow current affairs in Oceania, the idea of Fiji usually evokes images of idyllic beaches full…

Save the Turtles, Save the World

Become your own hero on your next Fijian vacation. Or become an artist. Or become both! (You don’t even have to drink any kava to do it.) Turtle Island, located in the Yasawa Group in Fiji (known for being the film location for Blue Lagoon), has a Turtle Release program, in which it buys green…