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Big Cities, Great Escapes

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When it’s just too darn hot, these are the go-to getaways for city dwellers around the world.

The Best New Travel Reads of Fall

The lowdown on the latest and greatest in travel literature from National Geographic Traveler’s #TripLit guru, Don George.

Meet the Editor: Isabella Brega

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Isabella Brega, the executive editor of Traveler’s Italian partner magazine, put together a buyer’s guide to authentic goods in Italy, highlighting 20 places in five different cities where you can witness craftsmanship in its highest form–from marionettes to mandolins. “The story of Italian artisans is one of valuables and values,” she writes. Here’s a brief look at Touring’s creative maven and her singular view of the world.

Travels on the Run: Florence

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For Nat Geo Travel Books Senior Editor Barbara A. Noe, going on a run is the best way to get oriented in a new city, and a great way to take in the sights. So lace up your sneaks and read on to get Barbara’s tips on where to run in some of the world’s greatest places—and what to see along the way.

Made in Italy: Florence

The hallmarks of Italy’s artisanal tradition–creativity, innovation, craftsmanship–go back at least 3,000 years, to when Etruscans fashioned extraordinary works with bronze and Romans excelled in mosaics and glass. For Florentine milliner Gianni Gatto, it’s not just a hat; it’s art for the head. Learn more about this passionate sculptor/designer–and other artisans who are producing distinctive souvenirs with a strong sense of place, tradition, and style in Florence.

The Radar: Travel Lately

The Radar: The top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories with #NGTRadar. Check back on the blog each Wednesday for our Travel Lately roundup.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Romance

I have to laugh when I see things like “rented” swans, petal-strewn hotel beds, and string-quartet serenades. That’s why I asked 10 concierges in some of my favorite cities what they would recommend to the most discerning of guests for a night of off-the-beaten-path romance — whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a wedding proposal, or simply a much-needed date night.

Italy With Kids: One Meal at a Time

National Geographic Traveler contributing editor Christopher Elliott recently spent a week in Italy with his family. Here’s what he discovered. When you think of visiting Italy, a familiar highlight reel probably comes to mind: the Roman Colosseum, the Vatican, Michelangelo’s David, or pigeons in St. Mark’s Square. But try making the trip with three young…

Hotel Central: Under the Tuscan Moon

Florence leads a hotel renaissance in Italy with design-
forward inns just a stroll from the Duomo. By George W. Stone From the September issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine. No one ever accused Tuscany’s capital of being sleepy. But these days, this Renaissance hub is humming with hotels that redefine classic Florentine style with a few modern…

Farmhouse Living in Tuscany

Driving from the Florence airport to the small town of Casole d’Elsa in the heart of Tuscany feels like traveling deep into a landscape painting of rolling hills dotted with cypress trees and stone farmhouses. My perch for the week is a traditional stone casele (farmhouse) named Pulcinello (after one of the original farms on the estate), one of 28 farmhouses that have been restored at Castello di Casole, a resident/hotel property and working farm sprawled over 4,200 acres about 16 miles west of Siena.

Tour Guide: Learning from Locals

In Italy, it’s easy to marvel at frescoes painted by the masters. But while gaping at the Sistine Chapel ceiling is nice enough, tour company Context would prefer you try your hand at a more authentic experience: slathering wet plaster with your own artistic finesse during a three-hour fresco workshop in Florence. In addition to…


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We’ve made no secret of our love for chocolate, but it’s been a while since we dedicated an entire entry to our favorite indulgence. So, we thought to ourselves, what better time to do so than Valentine’s Day? While your devoted bloggers have their fingers crossed that boxes of their favorite hometown cacao products will…