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I Heart My National Park: Capitol Reef

Nan Groves Anderson has lived near Capitol Reef National Park in south-central Utah for 17 years. And as the executive director of the Utah Tourism Industry Coalition, she gets to share her love for her slice of red-rock-country heaven with the world. Now she’s sharing her insider insight on this geologic wonder with the Nat Geo community. Here’s a look at Capitol Reef through Nan’s eyes.

Strange Planet: Mike the Headless Chicken Festival

Here at IT, we love a good tale of chicken grit. No, we don’t mean chicken and grits, but rather the industrious and absurd tale of Mike, the headless chicken of Fruita, Colorado. Legend goes that on Sept. 10, 1945, an almost six-month-old Wyandotte rooster was looking especially delicious to his owners, the Olsens. Lloyd…