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Hop On, Hop Off: The Perks of Busing It

National Geographic Traveler Editor at Large Christopher Elliott, the magazine’s consumer advocate and ombudsman, has helped countless readers fix their trips over the past 15 years. Here’s his latest advice.

Bus2Antarctica: The People on the Bus

Andrew Evans has already conquered the United States and crossed the border into Mexico, and offers a snapshot of the people he’s encountered so far. I may be traveling by myself on this trip, but the great thing is that I’m not riding alone. But who are the people who take the Greyhound in the…

Bus2Antarctica: The First 36 Hours

Traveler contributing editor Andrew Evans spent the weekend traveling by Greyhound bus from Washington D.C. to Houston on the first leg of his Bus2Antarctica quest, and just started the second leg, which will have him crossing over the Mexico border. Here’s a recap of what he’s seen so far. Be sure to follow his Twitter…