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We publish new travel stories all the time on the Intelligent Travel blog network, but there are a few that really got your attention this year.

In case you missed them, here are the 13 most popular posts of 2013.

While I’ve met a few modern-day nomads in my travels, most of us can’t be on the road all the time. So how can we keep our wanderlust satiated in those stretches between journeys? We can escape into a really good book that brings a far-off place to us. Here are three extraordinary travel narratives that deserve to be counted among the classics.

In 1913, National Geographic Magazine dedicated the entirety of its April issue to showcasing the Inca’s “wonderful city of refuge on the mountain top” — and the man who had brought the archaeological treasure to the world’s attention. Here’s a look at Machu Picchu through Hiram Bingham’s eyes, and mine…one hundred years later.

With less than a month before the 100th anniversary of Machu Picchu’s rediscovery, the L.A. Times continues to celebrate with “100 Facts for 100 Days” leading up to the milestone event. The ancient Inca citadel, and now World Heritage Site, was discovered in Peru in 1911 by Hiram Bingham III, on an expedition funded by…