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Here at National Geographic Travel, we like to celebrate and explore new destinations and rediscover the classics. And with hundreds of thousands of cities in the world, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why we started our popular I Heart My City series, where locals share insider intelligence about the places they know and love best.

Now we’re asking you to show us your city–the people, places, and moments that make it unique–through your own travel lens. Participate in the I Heart My City YourShot photo assignment for a chance to be featured on the Nat Geo Travel website. The deadline to submit your photos is on Monday, February 17.

After a decade of “intercontinental hopping,” German national Ute Kreitz returned to the “fatherland” in 2007, settling on Hamburg as her new home base. Having heard many people over the years call Hamburg Germany’s most beautiful city, she was skeptical, but after moving there, she couldn’t agree more. Here are a few of Ute’s favorite things about the city she describes as having “a small town feel and a cosmopolitan touch.”

Emilio Brizzi has been a professional photographer most of his life, and one of his favorite subjects is the city where he lives: Amsterdam. His love for the Dutch capital — from its detailed-oriented architecture and modern take on tradition and history to the laid-back independence of its citizenry — is palpable. See if you don’t fall in love next.

Bucharest native Andrea Chirulescu came to Oslo five years ago to work in the IT industry — but it only took her a couple hours to fall in love with the Norwegian capital. Here are a few of her favorite things about her adopted city.

Nicola Ferlei-Brown is a British travel writer based in Rome who’s passionate about getting the word out about where to eat, shop, and see all things divine in the city of Seven Hills. Here are a few of this art history aficionado’s favorite things about the place she’s proud to call home.

Erik Trinidad of The Global Trip has traveled to dozens of countries around the world, but he’s been proud call Brooklyn home for the past five years. Check out a few of his favorite things about New York City’s most populous borough (by far, actually).

Martijn Hordijk has lived in Rotterdam for more than three years. In addition to working a job that regularly takes him to Aberdeen, Antwerp, and Paris, he shares insider insight about his home base as a blogger for Spotted by Locals. Here are a few of Martijn’s favorite things about the port city that’s been called “the Gateway to Europe.”

I Heart My City: Kids Edition

It’s time for another special edition of I Heart My City! This time we’re serving up recommendations for the best educational experiences for kids (and kids at heart) in 15 cities around the world from the people who know them best: our ever-inspirational I Heart My City community. They also happen to be fun.

Alana Morgan quit her 9-to-5 job in Seattle and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to travel and experience the world. Two years later, she’s still living abroad and planning her next move. Here are a few of her favorite things about Bangkok’s “little, nicer, cleaner, smaller, calmer, prettier sister” city.

I Heart My City: Eric’s Budapest

Eric Halsey recently moved from Budapest to Sofia, Bulgaria to round out his degree in Balkan history, but already has made plans to return. He says Budapest is “not a city for a weekend, it’s a city or a lifetime.” Check out a few of Eric’s favorite things about Hungary’s capital city, and see if you agree.

Do You Heart Your City?

What’s even better than being able to travel to every city in the world? Hearing about them from the people who know them (and love them) best.

That’s why we want to hear why YOU heart your city. It’s easy to share the love: Just fill out our new-and-improved I Heart My City questionnaire and send it to IntelligentTravel@ngs.org.

I Heart My City: Sandra’s Ghent

Sandra de Lobel moved to Ghent to study and fell in love. She’s currently renting an old but cozy apartment near the city center and loves living where everything is in arm’s reach. Check out Sandra’s insider tips for what to see and do in the Belgian city she describes as “not too big and not too small.”

When longtime Philadelphia residents Larissa and Michael Milne turned 50, they left their careers behind to travel around the world for a year (with a miniature Rocky Balboa statue) and write about their adventure for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Now that their long trip is coming to an end, here are the things they can’t wait to get back to in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

This week’s I Heart My City contributor is Mehnaz Thawer, a communications professional in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mehnaz has lived in Vancouver for 20 years — ever since her family moved there from East Africa. Here are her recommendations for what to see and do in the city she knows and loves so well.

I Heart My City’s Museums

It’s time for another special edition of I Heart My City! This time we’re serving up recommendations for the world’s best museums from the people who know their cities best. Some are off the beaten path — some offer us compelling reasons to revisit the old stand bys.

Do you want to share your hometown pride with the rest of the world? Fill out an I Heart My City questionnaire and send it to us at IntelligentTravel@ngs.org.

I Heart My City: Sonia’s Miami

Sonia Gil is host and co-creator of Sonia’s Travels, the weekly web show that cracks the code behind peoples and cultures around world. Winner of the 2012 People’s Voice Webby Award for “best web personality,” Sonia has been hailed as the “next Bourdain.” A biologist by training and beach lover by choice, she speaks five languages and has lived abroad in China, France, and Venezuela. Here are her favorite things about living in Miami.

When American travel writer Eva Sandoval traveled to Terracina, she planned to stay just three months. That was two years ago. How did a confirmed city girl could fall in love with a town that only has one bookstore and shuts down at 8 p.m.? In her words, the “gorgeous, historic Italian town — chaotic and lush, with its sand and sea and Roman ruins and magical mountain — has utterly stolen my heart.” Here are some of the reasons why she thinks Intelligent Travel readers will love it, too.

Maja Simov, an environmental consultant and a “spotter” for Spotted by Locals, was born and raised in Belgrade. Maja says she loves her home city because of the contrasts borne from its long, unique history. If you’re traveling to Serbia’s capital city, you should probably read this first.

As the world prepares for the Summer Olympics (the opening ceremony is today), we thought we’d do a special, hyped-up edition of I Heart My City to give you three very different takes on this year’s host city. We’ve asked three unique Londoners — a television producer, aluxury bikini designer, and a guerilla geographer — to sound off on their storied city. Here’s the final installment.

As the world prepares for the Summer Olympics (the opening ceremony is this Friday), we thought we’d do a special, hyped-up edition of I Heart My City to give you three very different takes on this year’s host city. We’ve asked three unique Londoners — a television producer, a luxury bikini designer, and a guerilla geographer — to sound off on their storied city. Here’s Number 2.

Spotted By Locals writer Igor Daems grew up in the suburbs of Antwerp, Belgium, and finally moved to the city center about four years ago. Since then, he’s become an avid fan of the city he thinks often, and unfairly, gets overlooked in favor of Bruges and Brussels. Check out Igor’s favorite things about Antwerp — and add your own.

When Berit Bonde isn’t studying for her master’s degree or working part time in the travel industry, you can find her exploring new places, whether it involves going around the world or just around the corner. Her restless spirit has her moving to Bangkok for half a year, but this Dane says she’ll always return to Copenhagen, where her heart resides. Here are Berit’s recommendations for her beloved capital city.

Nat Geo Traveler just launched a free iPad app, A Taste of Montréal, with a gorgeous new photo gallery to match (two must-haves before visiting this foodie paradise), so we asked the magazine’s editor-in-chief Keith Bellows to give his take on the best sites and scenes in his hometown of Montréal. Check out Keith’s recommendations for making the most of the city of a hundred steeples, then add your own two cents. Follow Keith on Twitter @NGSTravelEditor.

Denver Nicks and Andrea Leitch are a little bit country (Oklahoma), and a little bit rock and roll (New York City/DC, respectively). They met as awkward 11-year-olds, ran in the same circle in high school and have managed to stay close over the years. He’s written for The Daily Beast, The Nation and AlterNet (he even wrote a book). She’s worked at Vogue and has been a proud member of National Geographic Traveler’s digital team for almost a year now. Check out these two Okies’ takes on their hometown of Tulsa.

German freelance TV journalist and travel blogger Yvonne Zagermann has lived in Berlin for the last two years — the realization of a dream she’s had since first visiting as a teenager. “This city doesn’t expect anything from you but to be yourself,” she says. Check out Yvonne’s advice for getting the most out of Germany’s…