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Letting Go in India

India isn’t for everyone. Control freaks and those lacking a sense of humor may want to sit this country out. I’ve traveled there several times, and each time I thought I’d hit my limit and was ready to pack it in and go home, something would happen that would make me change my mind.

I Heart My City: Jasmine’s Mumbai

Born-and-bred Mumbaikar Jasmine Desai is a technology journalist — and, like the subject she covers, her city is constantly changing. Here are a few of her favorite things about the sprawling cityscape she calls home.

Life and Death on the Ganges

Our boat was a beauty and her name was Sita. For ten days, she was our home on the Ganges – our portal into a world of few boundaries, where Hinduism is palpable and life and death confront the senses with brazen, and equal, abandon.

Event-o-Rama: 12 Must-Dos in March

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in March…

Best Bike Tours for Foodies

What better way to sample the culinary delights of a region than by peddling along its backroads, enjoying the scenery and working up an appetite for the next meal?

Here are ten great itineraries for all you food- and wine-loving cyclists out there.

Where Do You Go to Feel Better?

Where have you traveled to feel better — mind or body? Send your stories and photos to Travel_talk@ngs.org or tell us about it in the comments section, and your response just might make it into an upcoming issue of Traveler magazine.

A Couple of Keepers: Tracy + Paul Wilkes

You have to wonder what Paul and Tracy Wilkes did. Rob banks? Run a Ponzi scheme? They had to have done something terrible. Because no couple devotes so much of their time to doing good.

Top 5 Nat Geo Travel Favorites

In our digital world, we don’t have to rely on guidebooks to tell us where to go and what to see when we travel — we can just ask our friends. Since we announced the beta launch of Travel Favorites — a new social sharing tool that will help you have the most memorable trips around —…

Photos: Where you Went

National Geographic Traveler’s Facebook community is global and mobile. Here’s a taste of the places you and your fellow gallivanters have visited lately.

#FriFotos: Color Me _______

For this week’s #FriFotos* theme, COLORFUL, we chose this photo of a Kathakali performer applying his make up before a show. This highly stylized dramatized dance originated in the 17th century in southwest India, and is noted for the vivid face paint, elaborate costumes, and precise body movements of its performers. It takes up to four hours to ready the dancers before they even step on stage. Now that’s dedication. Photo: Arnab Sarker/My Shot

The Radar: 10 Customs to Know Before Visiting India, Get the Best Seat on a Plane, Bizarro Hotels

The Radar: Top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the Web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories from the Web #ngtradar. Check back on the blog for our roundups. Photo: Jim Kasom/My Shot

Photos: Where You Went

Around and around we go. Our jet-setting friends on Facebook continue to amaze us with their weekend travel plans. Here’s a taste of the places you and your fellow gallivanters have visited lately.