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Just Back: Jerusalem

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Many people dread spending time with their in-laws, but not “National Geographic Traveler” researcher Christine Blau. For her, marrying a journalist from Jerusalem means inheriting a network of kindred local guides and a lifetime of visits through which to figure out their complex city. Here are some of the highlights from her latest trip, in her own words.

I Heart My City: Sheilla’s Tel Aviv

Sheilla Safra Maler was raised in northern Israel, but always longed to return to her birthplace, Tel Aviv. Now that she’s made that dream a reality, Sheilla’s passion for the “White City” has only increased—so much so that she is currently in training to become a tour guide on top of her day job at a high-tech company. Here are a few of her favorite things about Tel Aviv.

#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

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An Insider’s Guide to Tel Aviv

For a relatively small city, Tel Aviv 
can sometimes feel like an overwhelming 
place, crowded with choices. The best way to get to know it is to focus on the small, independent places.

Road Trip Through Israel

Deciding against the group-tour-bus approach allows you to map out a customized route based on what you really want to see. For me, it was a mix of ancient sites and pilgrimage spots (along with a good dose of delicious Israeli food along the way).

The Best of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s creative energy and global influence are on display everywhere you look, but the blending of old and new is also striking. In the growing Tel Aviv Port area, I could indulge my imagination by picturing the icons of history sailing the crashing waves, then indulge my appetite at Kitchen Market, a wholly modern destination for serious foodies.

The Radar: Travel Lately

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Photos: Where You Went

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Our readers boast impressive travel résumés, which is why every Friday we ask you the same question on Facebook: Where are you traveling this weekend? See photos of where YOU went, and get inspired to plan your next trip. Photos by readers like you. Upload your favorite travel photos with a caption to Your Shot/Travel at ngm.com/yourshot. Tag all…

Walking Above Jerusalem

By Barbara A. Noe On a recent trip to Jerusalem, when I learn I can climb onto the high stone ramparts surrounding the Old City and spy into the different neighborhoods from above, I head straight to the entrance at Jaffa Gate. These ancient stone ramparts showcase a microcosm of conflicted religious life in the…

Nablus: Tourists Welcome

After working as a reporter in Cairo, Theodore May wanted to know more about the history, culture, and people of the Middle East. So he decided to explore it, and use one of history’s conquerors as his guide. For eight months he’ll be following in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, tracing the 2,000-mile path…

“In Israel, The Bible is our GPS”

Israel is in the news nonstop this week, with the pope’s visit making headlines and today being Israeli Independence Day. Inspired, IT Editor Janelle Nanos is revisiting some of her favorite holy sites from her recent trip. I don’t tend to do much heavy reading while on vacation, but I quickly learned that along with…

Visiting the Western Wall

There are a some things that you “must” do in any city. Kiss the Blarney Stone. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge. Get the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. But few of those musts are as contemplative as visiting Jerusalem and placing a prayer in a crack of the Western Wall. We arrived…