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I Heart My City: Caroline’s New Orleans

New Orleans native Caroline Gerdes may have recently moved to Washington, D.C., but she loves her hometown. So much so that she recently spent a year–with the help of a National Geographic grant–of her life working on an oral history project about the Ninth Ward, where her father grew up, to document the community’s rich history and culture–especially the edible aspects. Here are some of Caroline’s favorite things about the city she’s proud to call home.

NOLA Jazz Fest: A Healthy Addiction

By Monica C. Corcoran, senior photo editor at NationalGeographic.com I knew I had a problem when a coworker asked how long I’d been going to Jazz Fest and I couldn’t remember if it was 17 … or was it 18 years? It’s my annual pilgrimage to the promised land of lip-smacking food and hip-shaking music,…

The Radar: Nepal’s Shrinking Annapurna Circuit, Montreal Jazz Fest, Treehouse Hotels

One of Nepal’s most famous and challenging treks—the 250-kilometer Annapurna Circuit—is set to undergo massive changes. A new road will cut the trek almost in half, turning the first 10 days of the hike into a 2-day drive. The development will give tourists and developers easier access to the region, but many worry about the…

Photo Postcard from Jazz Fest

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After shooting the magazine’s Mardi Gras feature for Traveler’s January/February issue, I found myself officially smitten with NOLA, so I went back last year to experience another of the city’s great events: The annual Jazz & Heritage Festival. I couldn’t make it to this year’s festival, but here are a few photos which offer a…