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Oceanographer Sylvia Earle, or “Her Deepness,” is one of Nat Geo’s Explorers in Residence, an elite group of scientists and adventurers who, with the Society’s support, serve as visionaries in their field, doing groundbreaking work that not only improves our understanding of the planet we share, but makes it a better place. Earle recently returned from an expedition in Palau, and took time to share reflections on her career, her thoughts on travel, and what it’s like to swim with 13 million jellyfish. Here’s what she had to say.

At the world-famous aquarium in Monterey (where Curious Traveler Shannon Switzer is passing through right about now), jellyfish are the star attractions. Varieties you never imagined existed float silently in tanks flooded in blue light. It’s spectacular. In Atlanta’s aquarium, it’s the whale sharks. You never expected to see these enormous creatures outside a TV documentary, yet there they are in front of you. And they’re amazing. Which one’s better? Or is there a better one out there? Tell us your opinion by leaving a comment!

Joy of the Jellies

First, one golden jellyfish emerged from the milky turquoise water and glided by. More appeared in the distance and then a dozen propeled themselves in graceful pulses all around me, their diaphanous bells contracting and releasing. Then hundreds appeared. Fleets of curious spaceships, some indifferent, others getting closer, seemingly curious to check out a giant visitor– me. (Photo: Tomas Kotouc/My Shot)

Jellyfish Gone Wild

By Ashley Thompson Planning a winter beach getaway this holiday season? The world’s oceans have gifted us with quite the unpleasant surprise, and it comes in the form of swarms of jellyfish. From Hawaii to the Gulf of Mexico to the Mediterranean to Australia, jellyfish populations have reached a sort of unprecedented maritime gridlock, according…