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Where the Buffalo Roam: Dakotas Road Trip

The plains? Hardly. A solo drive through the Dakotas proves big on personality.

River Rebound: Eagles Along the Mississippi

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Huckleberry Finn and Jim had their raft. Modern adventurers have their cars and the Great River Road. Now in its 75th year, this national scenic byway follows the Mississippi for 2,069 miles and ten states.

Your Isolated Islands

Last week, we featured Jenna Schnuer’s write-up of the new book Atlas of Remote Islands: Places I Have Never Been and Never Will, and asked you, dear readers, to write in and tell us which remote island most intrigued you and why. And to be honest, it was one of the most vibrant, thoughtful batch…

The Atlas of Remote Islands

A lot of books cross freelance writer Jenna Schnuer’s desk. One new title became an instant addition to her having-a-meh-day-and-need-a-pick-up pile. Click through to see how you can get a copy of your own. UPDATE: The winners have been selected and you can see them here. The first five times (or so) that I paged…

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Draw Me My Life

Freelance writer Jenna Schnuer thinks mapmaker Connie Brown is one of the most creative map geeks she has ever come across–and, really, she means that as the ultimate compliment.  Twenty years ago, when Connie Brown decided to become an art mapmaker (sans formal cartographic training), she didn’t have an inkling of how difficult it would be…