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Emerald Isle Escapism

We’ve all experienced how hard it can be to transition from vacation mode to everyday mode. That’s why I decided to tack on a few days of downtime to my family’s summer travels to help us ease back into our routines. After spending a hectic week in London navigating the Olympic games, I figured Ireland was the perfect place to decompress before our return flight dropped us back in reality.

Amish Country, Here We Come!

It’s strange to me that many New Yorkers have not been to the top of the Empire State Building or taken a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. But, then again, during the time I spent outside of Philadelphia attending college, I never bothered to visit Pennsylvania Dutch Country — a mere 30 minutes away…

10 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Next Family Trip

Family travel writer Rainer Jenss shares his New Year’s resolutions when it comes to planning trips with his family. For 2012,  instead of making my usual bucket list, I’m concentrating mostly on which places and activities are going to benefit my kids and enrich their lives. With that in mind, here are a few questions…

Meet, Plan, Go 2011

Have you ever considered taking a break in your career to travel? If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably the type of person who has. In 2008/2009, my wife and I acted on a long-time fantasy and took a one-year trip around the world trip with our two young boys–an experience we’ll never forget or regret.

Since returning to the U.S., I’ve been inspired to encourage others to travel more. It doesn’t have to be for a whole year; taking six months, a summer, a week, or even a long weekend is fine, as long as you get out there and go.

Jenss Family Travels: Lessons from the Road

Rainer Jenss and his family are currently on an around-the-world journey, and they’re blogging about their experiences for us at Intelligent Travel. Keep up with the Jensses by bookmarking their posts, and follow the boys’ Global Bros blog at National Geographic Kids. It’s strange, but we’re seven months into our trip and I still get…