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Endless Winter: Utah

A good rule of thumb for the best spring skiing is to “head high.” The altitude of the Rockies makes the western U.S. especially attractive this time of year. While Colorado might be more popular, Utah can be just the place to go, particularly if you want to do more than just ski!

Venice Carnival With Kids

I wanted to introduce my two sons to the concept of Carnival. But was there a way to do it without subjecting them to the lewd drunkenness and nudity that often accompany such celebrations? And with so many world-class cities hosting bucket-list worthy festivities, where would we go? Venice.

Quebec’s Family-Friendly Traditions

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For the past three years, we’ve driven north to Quebec, where the locals not only embrace the cold, they celebrate it. We’ve partied at the city’s Winter Carnival, gone dog sledding through winding forest trails, ice-climbed at Montmorency Falls, and even stayed at the famous Hôtel de Glace. This year’s adventure? Cross-country skiing.

Father-Son Bonding on Grand Teton

I’ve always wanted to give mountain climbing a try. But then I’d start thinking about how risky it was, and how much suffering seemed to go with the sport. There was always a reason to put it off. But when my eldest son became old enough to start looking at colleges, I realized that this was the perfect chance to try something new together. And what better place to give it a go than Grand Teton?

Wild and Wonderful: Estes Park

Last weekend, I would witness the effect two recent front-page events are having on travel: The flooding in Colorado and the shutdown of the U.S. government.

A Different Kind of Summer Camp

If you’re one of the millions of parents who enrolled their kids in summer camp this year, the biggest decision you probably faced was whether to send them to a day camp close to home or an overnight camp farther afield. In the past, my wife and I always opted for the former even though our children are old enough to leave the nest, but this year we discovered an interesting option that combined the two: joining the kids at a sleep-away camp.

Passports: One Child at A Time

Almost a year ago, I joined 600+ other travel bloggers in Vancouver, BC for the annual TBEX Conference to network and get inspired by their stories. During a Q&A with one of the many presenters, a woman named Tracey Friley stood up and introduced the entire assembly to an idea she called The Passport Party Project.

Taste of Travel — Family Style

I take a deep breath, tell myself they’re just roasted marshmallows, and quickly put the stick in my mouth. “Ahhh…Just like I remember them,” I pronounce with a pursed grin. With the video camera now turned off and my wife and kids grimacing in disgust, I’m tempted to spit out whatever remains of the half…

Last-Minute Spring Break Idea: Arizona, Part 1

If you haven’t yet finalized your family’s spring break plans, chances are you might not be going to that beach resort, theme park, or cruise ship you’ve been contemplating for months now. Unless you don’t mind paying the big bucks to book last-minute deals to popular family destinations like Florida, the Caribbean, or California, you…

Disney World Q&A

As an out-of-towner, it’s not easy being in Orlando without visiting Disney’s theme parks, especially as a parent. During a recent trip to the area, I resisted temptation, mainly because my kids were back home in New York. But what if we lived nearby? Does Disney’s strong allure cast the same spell on Central Florida’s…

Celebrating Winter a la Quebec

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Many of us in the Northeast, and across the country for that matter, have been wondering what happened to winter this year. Not that I’m complaining, but there’s been almost no snow and daytime highs have been well into the 40°s, and even 50°s in New York. So to get a taste of the season…

Southern Hospitality in Kaohsiung

It should come as no surprise that technology is changing the way we travel in the 21st century. The next big wave of innovation transforming how we travel is in social media. Sites like Couchsurfing.org — a worldwide network of three million wired nomads who offer up their homes (i.e. couches) for free to other…