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Nat Geo Staff Picks: America’s Best Beach Towns

Is there a magic formula for the perfect beach town? No, but America could offer up more than a few candidates if they were doling out the title. Here are just a few of them, recommended by Nat Geo Travel staffers.

Travel Tips From Nat Geo Staffers

Becoming a travel pro takes time—and lots of trial and error—but it’s not cheating to learn from the experiences of others. The folks at Nat Geo Travel know that as much as anyone. And while we have a lot of road miles under our belts, we’re students of the world, too. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Party in Paree

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After returning from his winter holiday in London and Paris, National Geographic Traveler‘s art director, Jerry Sealy, couldn’t stop telling his colleagues about a peculiar experience he had in the City of Light. After some prodding, IT convinced him to share the moment with you: The night my friend Kathryn and I arrived in Paris,…

IT Travels with Jerry Sealy

National Geographic Traveler art director Jerry Sealy put his jetlag to good use last week by writing us a blog entry at 4 a.m. the day after he returned from France: Even a missed flight has a silver lining. When I found myself with an unexpected extra day in Paris (let’s not talk about how…