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Get Outside in the U.S.A.

‘Tis the season to get outside. Frolic in the sunshine at these five open-air events across America.

The 10 Best BBQ Joints in America

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, nothing tickles the taste buds quite like barbecue. BBQ capitals like Kansas City and Memphis are well represented on our list, but America’s love affair with smoked meat is quite clearly a national preoccupation.

Plan My Trip: Kansas City

The latest in the ongoing series in which the editors of Traveler Magazine take travel suggestions from readers… Read more reader suggested itineraries here. This week, I’m taking my history-teacher boyfriend on a road trip around Kansas City, from Abilene, Kansas, to Independence, Missouri, and everything in between (for all you history buffs out there,…

A Room With a “Boo” at Lawrence’s Eldridge Hotel

By: Ashley Thompson We blogged about friendly little Lawrence, Kansas, earlier this year, but it seems the “Liberal Oasis” of the Midwest has a few spooky skeletons in its closet. Room 506 of the historic downtown Eldridge Hotel is purportedly haunted by the ghost of Colonel Shalor Eldridge, one of the state’s most celebrated Civil…

Neighborhood Watch: Greensburg Rises from the Rubble

Once-backwater Greensburg, Kansas, is turning a brand-new, bright green leaf. With a population hovering around 1,500, the town has emerged over the past few months as one of the country’s most progressive, environmentally friendly cities. Rising from the rubble left behind from last May’s devastating 1.7-mile-wide F5 tornado, Greensburg earlier this year became the first…

Strange Planet: International Pancake Day

Billie Warden wins the Pancake Race in Liberal, Kansas, 1950, courtesy  www.pancakeday.net You may have been aware that today was Super Tuesday. And perhaps you’re already making the most of Mardi Gras. But did you know that February 5 is also International Pancake Day? So those of you disinterested in the political process or put…