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Durban: Into the Zulu Kingdom

Durbanites don’t mind that their sun-drenched coast is overshadowed by Johannesburg to the northwest or Cape Town to the southwest. “We’re culturally richer and a bit more out there,” says architect Nokuthula Msomi. “You can’t just live in your own bubble when cultures as different as the Zulu and Indian are overlapping all around you.”

Photo Tips: How to Shoot the Cherry Blossoms

Photographers, charge your batteries and clear your memory cards! The cherry blossoms are in peak bloom along the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., and we know you’re dying to get that perfect shot.

Behind the Lens: Cotton Coulson & Sisse Brimberg

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Husband-and-wife photography powerhouse Cotton Coulson and Sisse Brimberg have been shooting for the National Geographic Society for years. They recently traveled to St. Petersburg to photograph the city for a recent Traveler feature. The magazine’s photo editor Krista Rossow caught up with the pair to get the behind-the-lens scoop about their shoot and how the city has changed since the Soviet era.

Behind the Lens: Pete McBride Seeks Nirvana in India

Photographer Peter McBride followed in the Beatles’ footsteps on a recent trek into the foothills of the Himalayas to heal his ailing back in Rishikesh, India and wrote about it for National Geographic Traveler. Traveler photo editor Krista Rossow interviewed Pete about his experience in “the yoga capital of the world.” Here’s what he had to say.

Jim Richardson’s Guide to Drinking Scotch

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Our resident Scotland expert, Jim Richardson, has been traveling to the Highlands and Lowlands for more than 15 years — and after enjoying a few “wee drams” over the years, he’s become a discerning (and poetic) Scotch enthusiast. We asked Jim to tell us if he has a favorite whisky. And, as it turns out, he has far more than a few.

Behind the Lens: Jim Richardson’s Dance with Scotland

Jim Richardson is a familiar name from the pages of both National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Traveler. And if you’ve followed his career, you may have noticed his passion for Scotland (check out his newest piece, about the Inner Hebrides, in Traveler’s hot-off-the-press August/September 2012 issue). Traveler photo editor Krista Rossow interviewed Jim about photography and why Scotland remains his enduring travel muse. Here’s what he had to say.

Behind the Lens: Making the Present Look Past

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Photographer Robert J. Szabo specializes in wet plate collodion photography, a technique that was used during the Civil War, to photograph modern day battle sites and reenactors. National Geographic Traveler published his past-meets-present images in our latest issue. Read on as photo editor Krista Rossow asks Robert about his interest in wet plate photography, then check out our audio slideshow to hear about how he achieves his signature 19th-century look.

Behind the Lens in Jerusalem

Photojournalist Alexandra Avakian’s coverage of Egypt appeared in the September 2011 issue of Traveler, and you can see the fruits of her labor in a story about Jerusalem in the May issue. Photo editor Krista Rossow asked Alexandra what it was like going on assignment in a city with such a long and complicated history. This is what she had to say.

Behind the Lens: Melissa Farlow Does Detroit

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Photographer Melissa Farlow has shot many stories for National Geographic Magazine — covering everything from the swamps of Florida to the wild horses of the West. She’s also been assigned to capture the spirit of both Chicago and Miami for Traveler. So, when the Detroit feature story came up on the schedule, we knew Melissa was the right…

Behind the Lens: Dave Yoder at Venice Carnival

As it’s Mardi Gras today, we thought it would be a fitting time to share this insider Q&A with travel photographer Dave Yoder (who often shoots stories for National Geographic Traveler magazine), who traveled to La Serinissima, Venice, during Carnival (Italians call it Carnevale) last year to photograph the festivities for Traveler‘s Jan/Feb feature story.…

Behind the Lens: Macduff Everton in Japan

Travel photographer Macduff Everton has been around the world to cover stories for National Geographic Traveler magazine. His most recent assignment took him to the island of Shikoku in Japan for a January/February feature story.  Photo editor Krista Rossow asked Macduff to tell us more about his experience while photographing the island. Krista Rossow: You…

Behind the Lens: Catherine Karnow in Vienna

Nat Geo photographer, Catherine Karnow talks about shooting Vienna for the Nov/Dec issue of Traveler