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Event-o-Rama: 10 Must-Dos in December

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in December.

Know Before You Go: Los Angeles

Traveling to an unfamiliar destination can be stressful and overwhelming. And while there are oodles of travel sites, books, and blogs to recommend the hottest new this or the cheapest that, there are few places to turn for practical information that will save you time, and keep you safe. That’s why there’s Know Before You Go.

Do you have Know Before You Go tips for your city? Share them in the comments section or use the #B4UGO hashtag and shout out @NatGeoTraveler on Twitter.

Power to the People

Democratizing the internet, while paved with good intentions, often backfires. Trust me. It was only a year ago in New York City when I had to wade through people my own age tweeting “Down with corporate greed!” on their iPhones, while munching on $12 kale chips and moving to the beat of a drum circle headed up by Kanye West.

Photo Gallery: Very Venice Beach

There are few places that sum up L.A. quite like an area called “Venice.”

And this one isn’t sinking — it’s kept afloat by all manner of West Coast Weird.

Muralist For Good

There are people who find success, and are still not satisfied. Some of them work harder, make more money, and continue to fill their lives with tangibles — stuff. And then there are those who take a step back and think, “What am I doing for good?” Good thing L.A.-based artist Nichole Blackburn is one of the latter.