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The Best New Travel Reads of Fall

The lowdown on the latest and greatest in travel literature from National Geographic Traveler’s #TripLit guru, Don George.

Permanent Collection: D.C.’s National Gallery

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Washington, D.C.’s National Gallery of Art is an awesome trove, but approaching it requires planning. Most of the gallery’s art is not on display at any one time, of course, but some spectacular pieces always are, and they provide the best starting point. Here are ten must-see works recommended by curator Eric Denker.

Da Vinci: The Genius

This week, the National Geographic Museum unveiled Da Vinci: The Genius, a traveling exhibition that delves into one of history’s greatest minds. The gallery, which runs until September 12, is filled with a myriad of da Vinci’s fascinating inventions, all created based on the sketches he left behind in his famous codices. Beyond his well…