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Tour Story

We’ve all witnessed groups of tourists following the raised voices and flags of tour guides as they make their way toward a row of awaiting buses. If a scene like this makes you vow never to be one of “those people,” you may want to avoid rushing to judgment. There are some very good reasons why “tour” isn’t always a four-letter word.

Bus2Antarctica: Andrew Speaks!

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Andrew Evans always dreamed of going to Antarctica. How he’d get there was another story. So he came to us with an idea: He’d take the bus. The rest, as they say, is history. Those of you who followed along with Andrew during his 10-week, 10,000 mile Bus2Antarctica journey learned to love the funny, poignant,…

Bus2Antarctica: At Sea

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After traveling through the Americas by bus, Andrew Evans boarded the MV National Geographic Explorer and set sail for Antarctica. Waiting a lifetime for your dream to come true one day–well, that’s hard. Waiting one whole day for that lifelong dream to come true is harder still. And yet, that is what must be done…

On Board the National Geographic Explorer

“What other magazine has a navy?” asked Marilyn excitedly as we pulled up alongside the great blue hull of of the National Geographic Explorer, which was docked in the Alexandria, VA harbor last week. The recently refurbished expedition vessel, working in partnership with Lindblad Expeditions, is on its maiden voyage down to the Antarctic. Working…