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Five Ways to Drink Coffee Around the World

Will travel for caffeine? Here’s where to get a coffee buzz across the globe.

Where to Find Traditional Eats in Modern Macau

Traditional Macanese comfort foods like feijoada and minchi are reminders of a simpler time in Macau’s history, before international flights brought high rollers to the peninsula and high-speed ferries attracted travelers from nearby Hong Kong in droves. Here’s where to find them.

I Heart My City: Luke’s Macau

Michigander Luke Lienau’s relationship with Macau began in 2002 with a visit to see his girlfriend, a native of the Chinese Special Administrative Region. In the course of traveling back and forth for nearly a decade, he became fascinated with the city and its changes. When Luke finally decided to move to be with his now-wife…

I Heart My City: Beth’s Hong Kong

Native Chicagoan Beth Williams caught the travel bug after spending half a year in Japan during college. After graduation, she missed Asia so much she just had to go back. A gig teaching English brought her to Hong Kong, where she’s lived for the past two years. Armed with her camera and irrepressible wanderlust, Beth’s now on a mission to prove that you can work a 9-to-5 and still find time to travel. Here are some of her favorite things about the city she calls “a place unlike any other.”

Lowbrow and Loving It

I may be the only person crossing the border into Ciudad del Este who isn’t here to buy or sell stuff on the sly. Instead, I’m chasing something else: the fun of lowbrow travel.

Macau’s Artistic Gems

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Lawrence Ferber visits Macau and discovers rich art spaces often overshadowed by the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry. Mid-May sees the opening of Macau’s five-star Galaxy resort and entertainment development. It’s the latest eye-popping, glitzy addition to the “Las Vegas of the East” landscape, which includes a Venetian, MGM Grand, Wynn, and Ponte…

Strange Planet: Macau’s Cat Fancy

Lawrence Ferber uncovered a confluence of kitty kitsch and a caring cause in Macau.   Is Asia the cat’s meow? Pardon the pun, or don’t, but Asia is home to a few unique, even peculiar, cat-themed attractions. Tokyo and Taipei’s “cat cafes,” where one can mingle with a bevy of kitties while sipping a cuppa…

Tourists Riot! “We Were Forced to Shop!”

There’s nothing worse than discovering your tour is just a series of pit stops on the Souvenir Express. But unfortunately your options are primarily limited to staying on board until journey’s end, or forfeiting your cash and detaching yourself, unsure of how exactly you’ll get home. But some Chinese tourists have had enough. Traveler columnist…