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Don’t let the cold temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere take the pep out of your travel step. The winter months can offer up some of the best travel opportunities, often at a lower price point—and you can always head south if you’re in need of some Vitamin D. Here are a dozen destinations to inspire you from our Nat Geo Travel Facebook fans.

Not just the province of the dead and those who mourn them, cemeteries can be celebrated for all they offer the living. Europe boasts some of the most interesting and elaborate cemeteries in the world. Here are five of the most striking, all of which happen to be located in capital cities.

#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

Travel Lately—a roundup of the best new dispatches from the travel blogosphere—is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every other Wednesday. You can play, too. Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTravel and tag your favorite travel stories #NGTRadar to help us find the crème de la crème on the Web. Here are our latest picks.

On the lookout for a great escape? There’s nothing quite like an island to transport you to an alternate reality—one where days seem to stretch on forever and troubles fall away like an ebbing tide. Here are a few of the @NatGeoTravel team’s favorite islands to get you in that dreaming mood.

Nothing screams vacation quite like a sandy beach, clear blue water, and a fruity drink. To inspire a bit of summer wanderlust (or to help with your winter escape plans), we recently asked our Facebook fans to tell us their favorite island getaways in the world. Their answers ranged from large archipelagos to tiny islands we had to look up on a map, but one thing is for sure—their picks will keep you daydreaming for days.

Clive Cortis has spent the past 40 years in Malta and doesn’t “regret one single year.” He spends his days as a certified tour guide, showing off the things he loves about the island’s capital city of Valletta. From sandy beaches to exceptional nightlife, here are some of Clive’s favorite things about this Mediterranean city by the sea.

The Radar: Travel Lately

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Off the coast of the Mediterranean’s top islands, sparkling turquoise waters await. Escape to places like Malta or Cyprus this summer to stare at beautiful vistas. The Mediterranean might be the ultimate destination for a little R&R. [BootsnAll] Save big at these top international hostels this summer. [The Planet D] Eat local on your travels.…

Making the Most of Malta

Last week here on IT, we heard from writer Jeanine Barone who described the hidden treasures of Malta best found on foot. The post garnered a lot of attention on the blog and on our Facebook page. Back by popular demand, we present to you more Malta. Chief Researcher Marilyn Terrell checks-in with Sophie Fraser…

Malta Walks

Jeanine Barone, a travel writer with an eye for hidden treasures, sends us this note about her recent cultural, natural, and supernatural finds in Malta. You never know what you’ll find when exploring Malta on foot. I recently made some curious discoveries on two of the three inhabited islands in this archipelago. Artists at Work…

For the Birds: Malta

Jeanine Barone, a travel writer with an eye for hidden treasures, sends us this note on the state of birds in Malta. If the local hunters in Malta had their way, the only bird species you’d ever spot would be on a plate or stuffed and mounted over the mantel. That’s what I discovered two…

Emilie Harting uncovers some of Malta’s cryptic history. Going to Malta, an intriguing and historic isle in the center of the Mediterranean? Be sure to reserve tickets way in advance for the amazing necropolis Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground cemetery that’d be a shame to skip.   Around 3600 B.C., the Greeks used flint and…