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It’s fish boil time on Wisconsin’s scenic Door Peninsula. Like its cousin, the New England clambake, the tradition grew out of a community coming together to celebrate local bounty. Poaching the day’s catch with potatoes was a custom brought over by the region’s Scandinavian settlers and no doubt sustained many a soul on these rocky, wind-whipped shores. Here’s where to sample the best fish boil in Wisconsin.

Could your next layover be the highlight of your trip? At more and more airports, a long layover can open a window into local culture–whether you choose to venture into the city or simply roam the terminals. When time is of the essence, we suggest a surgical-strike approach. Here are five layover-worthy airports in cities around the world, along with tips on what to see while you’re making the most of extended down time between destinations.

Three Clutch Travel Apps

Afraid to fly, late for your flight but can’t do without your morning coffee, have no place to stay when you arrive? Have no fear: These three hand-picked travel apps will make your problems disappear like magic.

How to Fly Like a Pro

Three frequent flier pros reveal their air rituals–and share some secrets.

South Carolina’s Charleston offers a kid-pleasing combination of history and fun. Here’s a look at four ways to enjoy some quality family time in this charming Southern city.

Boat-to-Plate Carolina Shrimp

Friends don’t let friends eat imported shrimp, declares the ubiquitous bumper sticker in coastal South Carolina, where the shrimping industry is threatened by cheap farm-raised imports. One bite of the native crustaceans and you’ll know why. They’re sweet, briny, and firm, but they rarely make it beyond local seafood purveyors. This guide will tell you how — and where — to get your hands on some fresh Carolina shrimp.

Yosemite National Park — a 1,200-square-mile swath of soaring granite cliffs, towering waterfalls, and ancient sequoia groves — has awed millions of visitors for over a century. “I can’t think of a better classroom,” says Beth Pratt, director of California programs for the National Wildlife Federation. “It’s my favorite place on Earth.”

Eating Well in Portland, Maine

Contributing editor Margaret Loftus takes us on a culinary tour of Portland, Maine. I’ve been known to plan my day around where I might eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner when visiting the venerable food capitals of New York and Paris, but Portland, Maine? You bet. The city’s rise to culinary stardom has been chronicled in…