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Travel the World With Periscope

The Periscope app is like Google Street View come to life, with locals to show you around. The video stream is live, so hosts can answer questions you type in real time. Here are our three favorite travel ’Scopers to follow.

@NatGeoTravel Staff Picks: Summer Festivals

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In the mood to celebrate among the masses? There’s nothing quite like an outdoor festival to make the summer season seem official. Here are a few of the @NatGeoTravel team’s favorite open-air festivals to inspire your next trip.

Oh, the Places Nat Geo Goes

When you work at National Geographic, one of the first questions people ask is if you get to travel. The answer is often yes, but one of the best parts of the job is being surrounded by sharp, globe-trotting people, and getting to hear their stories. That’s why we asked folks on the Nat Geo Travel team to share a story about the best trip they’ve taken in the past year with our readers.

@NatGeoTravel Staff Picks: Best Fall Trips

With the changing of the seasons comes a change in where we as travelers set our sights on going. Inspired by our latest list of best fall trips, Nat Geo Travel staffers shared their own favorite autumn escapes. Here’s a dozen to get you dreaming about your next adventure, near or far.

@NatGeoTravel Staff Picks: Best Islands

On the lookout for a great escape? There’s nothing quite like an island to transport you to an alternate reality—one where days seem to stretch on forever and troubles fall away like an ebbing tide. Here are a few of the @NatGeoTravel team’s favorite islands to get you in that dreaming mood.

Crazy for Croatia: Five Gems

Not to knock Dubrovnik, with its marble streets, 16th-century city walls, sparkling red roof tiles, and primo location—it more than earns its moniker of “Pearl of the Adriatic,” not to mention its UNESCO World Heritage status. But if you cross Croatia off your list after you’ve seen Dubrovnik, you’re missing out on a lot. Here…

Nat Geo Staff Picks: America’s Best Beach Towns

Is there a magic formula for the perfect beach town? No, but America could offer up more than a few candidates if they were doling out the title. Here are just a few of them, recommended by Nat Geo Travel staffers.

Bus2Antarctica: Mount Marilyn

Andrew Evans takes a moment to follow in other explorers’ footsteps and name a piece of Antarctica. By the time humans entered the modern age, we had already assigned names to most everything on our planet. Then came Antarctica–a whole continent filled with mountains, glaciers and penguins all waiting to be named. The naming of…

Looking for Long Weekend Plans?

We know it’s Friday and that you may very well be out the door and headed to your destination on this long weekend. But if you’re coming up short and could use some inspiration, our Long Weekends guide is at your service. And even if all you have planned is some armchair traveling, we can…

So You Think Yukon Dance?

Senior Researcher Marilyn Terrell is just back from a trip through the Yukon Territory, and she’s thrilling all of us with stories from her trip. You can read her previous entries about her Yukon adventure here and here. The ultimate destination on my Yukon River trip two weeks ago was Dawson City, just as it…

The Fast and The Delirious

Senior Researcher Marilyn Terrell is in the Yukon Territory for this week, and she’s blogging, and of course, tweeting, whenever she can. She sent along this dispatch: I spent ten hours yesterday walking the streets and trails of Whitehorse, (pop. 24,000) the capital of the Yukon Territory (pop. 40,000 people, plus 30,000 bears). Ate breakfast at Baked…

Amtrak to the Rescue

We love it when chief researcher Marilyn Terrell shares her family’s travel tales and tips. This week, she gives the scoop on unaccompanied minors on Amtrak: Have you ever had a week when your friends abandon you and refuse to sit with you at lunch? Well, our sixth-grader James recently had a week like that,…