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Insider’s Guide to Cincinnati

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Ohio’s city of seven hills is on the way up. New riverfront parks and neighborhood comebacks are revitalizing Cincinnati’s urban core—a mix of industrial grit and Victorian ornamentation that wags call “sauerbraten Gothic.”

The Best Traveler Photographs of 2013

National Geographic Traveler’s director of photography, Dan Westergren, has the distinct pleasure (and sometimes pain) of choosing which photographs run in the magazine. The award-winning photographers assigned to our stories come back from the field with such a rich variety of images that it can be hard, if not impossible, to make the final cut. So we asked…

Behind the Lens: Melissa Farlow Does Detroit

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Photographer Melissa Farlow has shot many stories for National Geographic Magazine — covering everything from the swamps of Florida to the wild horses of the West. She’s also been assigned to capture the spirit of both Chicago and Miami for Traveler. So, when the Detroit feature story came up on the schedule, we knew Melissa was the right…