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Family Travel Commandments: Resorts

I recently did something parents dream about; I took a vacation. With my kids. I travel with my children frequently, and I love it, but I categorize most of these as trips rather than rejuvenating getaways. This time, though, I flew to Mexico, checked into the Rosewood Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, and didn’t leave until…

City in a New Light: Taxco, Mexico

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Built on rugged ripples of valley surrounded by mountains in the central highlands, about a hundred miles southwest of Mexico City, Taxco naturally folds in on itself. That creates shadows that obscure many of its loveliest features. But nearly 500 years into its history, the colonial town has never looked more radiant–thanks to an ingenious new lightscape plan.

The Best Restaurants in Tulum

Typical winter foods just aren’t my thing. I respect the fervor with which fans baste their roasts, whip their potatoes, and twirl their pasta. When the weather turns cold, I think about one thing: Tulum. This winter will be my fourth trip there, and each time I pull into this groovy Mexican beach town on the edge of the Riviera Maya, I find another restaurant that makes me swoon. Here are five musts.

10 Holiday Traditions Around the World

For those of us blessed (or cursed) with incurable wanderlust, the allure of an unexplored city or destination is hard to resist. But, this time of year, what I crave is tradition and a deep-rooted sense of home. I asked ten of my most trusted friends around the world about their favorite winter traditions in their home cities, and it put me in a wonderful, festive, globally inspired mood. I hope their stories do the same for you. Happy Holidays!

Celebrating Dia de los Muertos

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Before this recent trip to Mexico, I had only a vague understanding of what the Day of the Dead was all about and had always found the holiday a little creepy. Come to find out, it’s a heartwarming occasion that serves an important dual function.

Los Cabos: A Window to Paradise

When I landed in Los Cabos, I almost immediately started daydreaming. You will too, if you come here. It’s rare that I arrive at a destination and start planning my return trip. Cabo hooked me in an hour. Here’s why.

Long Weekend Bliss in Mexico City

When arrived in Mexico City, I felt something I hadn’t felt since my first visits to London, Paris, Shanghai: I couldn’t wait to tell my friends they needed to visit, too. But in a city so large — it’s about the same size as New York City — making decisions about what to prioritize can be overwhelming. That’s why it can be helpful to home in on a few can’t-miss neighborhoods and what you can see and do there. Here’s my recipe for the perfect long weekend in Mexico City.

Mexico City Chic: Polanco

I feel at home in Mexico City. This isn’t something I expected to encounter while exploring one of the world’s largest cities. I thought I would feel exhilarated and up for an adventure. But at home? Part of the reason I feel this way is because of where I’m staying: in Polanco.

Mexico’s Secret Beach

We’re just an hour’s boat ride from Puerto Vallarta, but these mysterious islands — a protected paradise that’s home to more than 90 species — make you feel like you’ve traveled a great distance.

The Temptation of Punta de Mita

Punta de Mita, a swath of lush jungle complete with lapping blue waters and sandy beaches, is part of Mexico’s Vallarta/Nayarit region. And it’s heavenly.

The Dish on Puerto Vallarta

In addition to drawing legions of surfing and yoga devotees, Puerto Vallarta offers dishes that surpass meals I’ve paid triple for in New York (don’t even get me started on the ceviche) — and a rich cultural heritage that can be felt on the streets, in the shops, and in boutique hotels around the city.

The Radar: Travel Lately

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