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Hot and Cold in Minneapolis

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There’s plenty to do in this Twin City, no matter the forecast.

I Heart My City (in the Spring)

From music festivals to flower shows, beaches to wineries, here are 20 ways to make the most of the next few months in 20 cities around the globe.

I Heart My City: Shanna’s Minneapolis

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Minnesota native and self-described travel addict Shanna Schultz makes a habit out of exploring the world—and of sharing tales of her adventures on her blog. But, not one to forget her roots, Shanna is also passionate about the things that make the Midwestern U.S. unique (check out her musings on A Midwest Travel Companion). Here are a few of her favorite things about her half of the Twin Cities.

Reader Recs: Signature Dishes Around the World

I don’t know about you, but for me, indulging in authentic, local cuisine while traveling—and finding the most authentic establishment to patronize—is a must. With warm-weather wanderlust upon us, we asked our Facebook fans to give us the inside scoop on their city’s signature dish, and where to go if you want to try it for yourself. Here’s what they had to say.

I Heart My City: Gary’s Minneapolis

In 2007 Gary Arndt packed up and set off to travel around the world. He hasn’t stopped since, visiting over 100 countries and launching his popular Everything is Everywhere blog. But before he began life as an intrepid world traveler, Gary had roots in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today, city lovers, he gives you an insider’s tour…

I Heart My City: Cynthia’s Minneapolis

Hey there, city-lovers! Cynthia Farrell writes to us from chilly Minneapolis, Minnesota, and tells us why her city is much more than just a frozen tundra. Want to see your city on IT? Just complete our list of fill-in-the-blank questions then copy and paste the list into an e-mail, fill in your answers, and send…

Plan My Trip: Minneapolis and Santa Barbara

It has been a while since I last left town, but this weekend has me moving a bit around the country. So since I’ve loved having you steer me around this summer, I’m again taking suggestions on where I should visit while I’m on the road. I’m traveling to Minneapolis for a wedding on Friday,…

Cinnamon Bun Day

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Here’s a tip for you Minneapolis folks: The American Swedish Institute there will be celebrating Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon Bun Day) on Wednesday, October 1 from noon to 7 p.m. Visit the Institute’s Kaffestuga to enjoy freshly baked cinnamon rolls for $3 each. Swedish coffee, lingonberry saft (a soft drink), pastries and cookies will also be…

Carbs, Conversation, and Fancy Footwork

Editorial Projects Director Lynn Ackerson coordinates the Photo Seminars for Traveler, which means she’s jet-setting most weekends to host our photography workshops in cities across the country. But just because she’s working doesn’t mean she can’t have a bit of fun. She shares her favorite spot from a recent visit to Minneapolis.   Sunday night…