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I don’t know about you, but for me, indulging in authentic, local cuisine while traveling—and finding the most authentic establishment to patronize—is a must. With warm-weather wanderlust upon us, we asked our Facebook fans to give us the inside scoop on their city’s signature dish, and where to go if you want to try it for yourself. Here’s what they had to say.

Munira Chendvankar has traveled across much of India, but maintains a “happy bias” toward her hometown. In keeping with the city’s status as the country’s entertainment capital (hello, Bollywood!), this self-proclaimed “film-ie” works as a senior producer for a television production house and says filling out our “I Heart” questionnaire reaffirmed her faith in–and love for–the city she calls home. Here are a few of Munira’s favorite things about Mumbai.

Born-and-bred Mumbaikar Jasmine Desai is a technology journalist — and, like the subject she covers, her city is constantly changing. Here are a few of her favorite things about the sprawling cityscape she calls home.

A great Valentine’s Day has as much to do with where you spend it as it does with the person you share it with. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite romantic movies of all time — and the cities that made them sing.

Travel Tips: Mumbai

Former Traveler research apprentice Stephanie Robichaux is in Mumbai, India, on a research fellowship, looking into how the Internet is used to arrange marriages. We caught up with her to see how her project is going, learn about her favorite spots and eats in India, get some India travel tips, and discover how working at…

Poverty Tourism: Q&A with Chris Way

In the course of fact-checking Peggy Loftus’s latest online special on poverty tours, we talked with Reality Tours and Travel co-founder Chris Way. His company runs tours through Mumbai’s Dharavi, considered by some to be Asia’s largest slum. Since the rebound of tourism in Mumbai after last November’s attacks and the buzz around Slumdog Millionaire,…

Rethinking Shanty Towns

Generally speaking, travelers tend to eschew slums in their urban itineraries. But Robert Neuwirth—a journalist who spent two years living in four squatter communities in Brazil, Kenya, India, and Turkey—considers these shanty towns vibrant neighborhoods worthy of exploration. After all, one in six people on the planet are considered squatters (that’s one billion people), an…

Mumbai Munching

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National Geographic Traveler has a Forster-like obsession with India, so when IT’s Turkey dispatcher, Michael Lukas, pitched a story about Mumbai restaurants (IT loves its food), we gladly accepted. He writes: Mumbai is like New York City and Los Angeles combined. A sprawling, multi-cultural metropolis right on the beach, this city of 16 million is…