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Reader Recs: Signature Dishes Around the World

I don’t know about you, but for me, indulging in authentic, local cuisine while traveling—and finding the most authentic establishment to patronize—is a must. With warm-weather wanderlust upon us, we asked our Facebook fans to give us the inside scoop on their city’s signature dish, and where to go if you want to try it for yourself. Here’s what they had to say.

On the Ark in Kenya

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The alarm went off in my room a half hour ago, the second time tonight. At the Ark, one bell means elephant, two, rhino, three, I really can’t remember what, because let’s face it, when you’re awoken by bells in the middle of the night, bells that sound like a parrot raised on a diet of tin cans, your first thought is not, “yay.” But as soon as I realize it was the rhino alarm, I was running for the stairs.

I Heart My City (And So Should You)

It’s a new year and, with it, new trips to plan. As you mull over which places you’d like to tick off your travel bucket list in 2014, consider these brief but compelling reasons why you should visit 20 of the world’s cities from the people who know and love them best.

I Heart My City: Vishwa’s Nairobi

Vishwa Shah has been based in Nairobi since the age of six. The current University of Illinois student has traveled all over the world, but, for Vishwa, nothing compares to the quiet beauty of Kenya’s capital city. “It is a fertile, hilly Eden in which I could live and die and live in again,” she says. Enough said. Here are a few of Vishwa’s favorite things about the “Green City in the Sun.”

Citizen Journalism in Kibera

High school student Kyle Bullington traveled to Kenya this summer, where he lived and worked in the Nairobi neighborhood of Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, on a unique volunteer project. Residents of Kibera watch a video created by the Carolina for Kibera team This summer, high school student Kyle Bullington arrived in Kibera with…

Back to School

Senior editor Norie Quintos has been blogging about her recent trip to Kenya with her teen sons. Click here to see her previous posting. Back in my college days, when I was young and idealistic, I spent two months with an NGO helping to build a school in Kilifi, on the Kenyan coast. We mixed…

Maasai Inc.

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African safari trips are one of the fastest-growing trends in tourism, so IT was interested to hear about an award-winning model in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, where the lodge owners partnered with the Maasai community to repopulate the dwindling wildlife and help stimulate the local economy. When Anthony Russell, a Kenyan architect and safari tour…